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Prayer is communicating with God. That can mean thanking Him, praising Him, confessing something you’ve done wrong, or expressing a need you have. It can mean talking to Him as you would to a friend.

Learning how to pray is really about developing a relationship with God. Relationships are built on moments of connection and communication. But how do you do that with the God of the universe?

Prayer is a supernatural activity. It’s talking with a God who is unlike anyone else. He has a personality and qualities you can understand and relate to, but you cannot expect to relate to God in exactly the way you might to a close friend or family member. He’s so much bigger and more incredible than that.

Even if talking honestly with others comes naturally to you, it’s understandable if talking with God is a steep learning curve. The disciples — Jesus’ closest followers — only asked Jesus a few questions about how to do something, one of which was "teach us how to pray."


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